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Curriculum Part 2

Curriculum Part 2


The afternoon was dedicated to the course program of the European College of Human Ecology as it was hitherto submitted by members of the German society for Human Ecology.
In a next step this program was examined in order to align it with the course program of the College of the Atlantic, accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

An impressive compatibility to the American model could be shown by the already announced courses with an amount of 90 semester periods per week, some additional procurement still being necessary.

Furthermore it showed the many possibilities of including local and regional potential in the various branches of liberal arts or science of technology. Many wishes, remarks and suggestions by Emmendinger citizens could also be accommodated.


While the second day was characterized by the many references to local and regional possibilities, the third day demonstrated the compatibility of the study program with the feasibility at all four sites investigated.