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1. International College Forum (Frankfurt)

Liberal Arts and Science: Education for Agents of Transition

Thursday, May, 24th 2012 | IHK Frankfurt am Main

Global Business Week
German Society for Human Ecology


On May 24, 2012, the Maleki Group will hold the “First International College Forum Frankfurt” in order to establish a new forum for discussion and a meeting point in Frankfurt am Main concerning itself with questions related to new ways of academic education.

The target audience of the conference comprises a wide range of decision makers in science and economy, active designers in the public and private sector of institutions of higher learning, investors, consultants and representatives of local authorities as well as students from home and abroad.

This conference will be co-hosted by the German Society of Human Ecology and conducted under the guiding theme of “Liberal Arts and Science: Education for Agents of Transition.”

Two open rounds of discussion will be dedicated to the challenges – such as climate change, shortage of resources and demographic change – our economies and societies in transition are facing. In collaboration with representatives of American and German top universities the excellence of an academic education patterned after the principle of Liberal Arts and Science and its ensuing chances will be highlighted. It is about an education that particularly includes external practice in firms and organizations, but is neither solely vocational nor one-sidedly scientific disciplinary in orientation. An education of this type can take into account each individual student’s potential of development. He or she will be well equipped for a future role of agent of transition and be in a position to apply the knowledge and skills necessary for our societies and economies to navigate the processes of the great transition.

Not only will the special character and the competence associated with Colleges of the Liberal Arts type in general be elaborated upon, but also the particular college to be founded in Southern Germany is to be described being the first branch of one of the most renowned academia of the US, the College of the Atlantic. It will be the first of its kind in Europe in general and in Germany in particular. Finally, the question will be addressed, which networks and which private and public initiatives and supports will be mandatory for an independent establishment of the planned educational institution.

You'll find the Introduction here as PDF-Download.

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