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Site Hochburg

Boarding Campus Hochburg - Seigniory


both variants on the left side show which existing buildings need to be converted to accommodate the spatial requirements of the college: (upper left)the working organic farm or (lower left) the buildings of the agrarian vocational with only one added new building.
During the Charrette, the existing fragments/remains of the former “Meyerhof” Manor from the 16th century were identified as being of significant importance. As the Charrette progressed, it becomes more and more clear that the Meyerhof was an extraordinary example of an early idealistic planned type of agrarian development. Its heritage was much more important than the buildings erected during the 19th century, which are today under listed protection.

The designs on the right show the reconstruction of the Meyerhof in its original spatial volume, which would accommodate the entire college during the first four years.
The perspective shows the re-erected Meyerhof with a new ‘light’ architecture with facades in glass and timber integrated within the landscape containing the fortress. A Boarding Campus Hochburg Seigniory would be a landmark and an unique identity for the European College of Human Ecology nearby Emmendingen.