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Exhibition 2018

Exhibition 2018 in the Volkshochschule Nördlicher Breisgau in Emmendingen

Exhibition of the results of the summer programs 2015-2018

From July 29 to September 21, 2018, the results of the previous summer programs 2015, 2016 and 2018 were exhibited at the Volkshochschule Nördlicher Breisgau in Emmendingen. During these two months, interested citizens were able to learn about the city's relationship with the European School of Human Ecology and what a possible study program might look like.


  By presenting the results of the summer programs carried out in Emmendingen, it was possible to demonstrate what opportunities such studies open up for students and what contribution can thus be made to urban development in Emmendingen and the entire region. Especially the results from 2018, the exhibition shows again, offer the perspective of integrating the university with a new neighborhood on the city's old fairground. Emmendingen is an ideal location for the college.



Digital tour through exhibition "COHE summer programs in Emmendingen" 2015-2018