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Committee of foundation

Committee of foundation

In May 2007 the meeting of members of the German Society for Human Ecology confirmed the establishment of the study group "College of Human Ecology and Liberal Arts". Dr. Wolfgang H. Serbser was announced to be the speaker of the group.

In May 2013 the study group was transformed into an official committee of foundation. Therefore the group could focus on the foundation of the "European College of Human Ecology". Dr. Wolfgang H. Serbser was confirmed to be the speaker. The committee of foundation established an active preperation group on there meeting in May 2013.

To the members of the preperation group belong:

Markus Hofmann

Manika Rödiger

Dr. Andreas Nebelung

Dr. Wolfgang H. Serbser

Prof Dr. Dieter Steiner

Dr. Parto Therani-Krönner

In May 2014 the committee of foundation decided to conduct the first summer university in cooperation with the College of the Atlantic about the topic: " Future of Food Sustainablity". The summer universtiy was to show the principals and charactersitics of the college in education and research, on one hand to future students and on the other hand to the broad public. The preperation group meets regulary in the office of the German Society for Human Ecology in Berlin.