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Berlin Symposium 2007



Internationales DGH Symposium

Perspektiven der Humanökologie und Hochschulbildung in Deutschland und der Schweiz


13. September 2007, Technische Universitaet Berlin


Dear participants,

thank you very much for joining the meeting, for the lively and inspiring discussion as well as your talks.

David Hales, special thank to you for the long journey to Berlin, to give us a close look into the mission and working of COA and the encouraging discussion.

Dear Rainer Mackensen, your presence turned the workshop into a celebration.

Bernhard Glaeser, thank you for not disinheriting your son.

Christine von Weizsäcker, you taught us that real democracy needs humor and curiosity.

Karl-Heinz Simon, thank you for the overview on Human Ecology as a realm of community engagement and social movements.

Kurt Egger, you showed us that transcontinental interdisciplinarity works, not only in research but in real life too.

Parto Teherani-Krönner, you provided the meeting with beauty, art and sensible intellect. You bring our Symposium to a marvelous result: a virtual faculty of the College of Human Ecology.

Christiane Serbser, Jonathan Serbser, Margarita Serbser, Miriam Gärtner, Janina Schmidt, Anne Jordan, Jan Hodina, thank you for coordination and the organizational frame for the successful meeting. Uli Schubert, who helped us finding the rooms in the Technical University's library, you did a great job.

Wolfgang Serbser, thank you so much for all your work in bringing forward and establish Human Ecology Education in Germany (maybe Switzerland).

Jadranka Mrzljak